A little bit about our riders

Not everybody can operate a pedicab. It is a job which requires a great deal of maturity, physical strength, street smarts, and an intimate knowledge of the city’s layout. Our riders are a tightly knit group of friends and we all work together to help make our company the most sought after pedicab company in Salt Lake City.

Q: How much does a ride cost?
A: We don’t usually have a firm price for  our services.   We want you to ride with us as much as you want, and therefore we like to leave the price of our rides up to you.  We ask only that our customers keep in mind that our company is our livelihood and to please respect that.

Q: How far do you go?
A: ALL THE WAY!   No, really, we can go nearly anywhere in Salt Lake proper.  There are some serious hills in the valley, and we appreciate big tips for long distances.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: We are always willing to give someone a shot.  Maybe deep down, you got what it takes to make an amazing pedicab operator. Call our business line for more info!