Bar Crawls! Let’s face it, Salt Lake is an awesome place to get smashed. We offer the unique service of getting you from bar to bar without the time consuming walk.You can have fun,get good and sauced, and beat last call with a private team of pedicabs speeding you around the many scattered bars in our downtown district


We’d love to be the getaway cab for your wedding!   We are experienced in providing the most beautiful and exciting cabs for your big day!   Average cost of a wedding pedicab ranges between $200-$300. Call us for more info!

IMG_0526Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

One last hurrah!?    We got you!  Paint the town red with your best friends for your last night of singularity!  We will shuttle your crew around all night long, and help you bar hop the city in an unforgettable pedicab adventure!

IMG_2656 City Tours

We know the lay of the land.  We know all the sweet spots to hit!   We love doing tours of our beautiful city, and you just might be in the market for a day long tour with our best riders!   From the U of U to Liberty Park to the City Hall Building and the Bar Scenes, we have the best transport and most fun to provide out of ANY tour service in UTAH.    Give us a shout @ (425)252-0513 to reserve a tour!