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Salt City Cycle Cab is very fond of large vinyl wraps and offer combinations so you can pick the advertising method that is right for you. You can email us to learn more:

Plans and Pricing

Whether you book a single cab or the whole fleet, we have the right package for you. Our cabs are clean and beautiful, and along with an amazing ride, we also combine the eco-friendly aspect of biking with your advertising.   If you advertise with us, the public will relate your company with a sense of ecological awareness– and that’s a good thing!

Single Cab

  • One back panel on a single cab
  • Printing not included


  • One back panel on two cabs
  • Logo on our website
  • Printing not included

Triple Play

  • One back panel on 3 cabs
  • Logo on our website
  • 2 FREE RIDE PASSES PROVIDED BY SCCC monthly ($20 value each.)
  • Printing not included

Pedicab Ads are most effective when allowed to run for 6 months to 1 year.  Prices reflect this marketing strategy.   1 week periods and special events are subject to fluctuating prices per cab.  SCCC reserves the right to change prices based on statistical metrics of advertising impressions during any specific event.    

Louis A. Gasper- Owner


Our cabs are seen by millions of people each year


Attention Getters

Our beautiful cabs draw a lot of attention to your brand.

A Simple Message

Not only your ad is seen, but your company’s image carries through our riders.

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