We are Salt City Cycle Cab.

Our company is dedicated to delivering a revolutionary method of transporting the masses around the bustling city of Salt Lake.

Louis Gasper has been riding pedicabs for years and is a dedicated life-long rider. Pedicabs have a way of changing the world and Louis plans on expanding Salt City Cycle Cab to the point of true saturation in the City of Salt Lake. Why? Well there is no reason to continue the use of oversized vehicles and carbon fuel engines to move the citizens of the Salt Lake Valley. Louis Gasper started Salt City Cycle Cab in October of 2013 with only 2 pedicabs. Since then, the company has grown Exponentially to 16 cabs. As of January 2015 Louis Gasper, Paul Overall,  Jo Khan, Travis Gray, Eslie Barlow, Matt Spicer, and James Taylor will be forming a syndicated company of multiple owners and over 50 riders!

We ride because we care.
We see the dirty air and we care about our mutual health as a planet.   It’s easy to forget, in the comfort of the fast paced engines, that we are stewards of the planet and are responsible for the care taking of our home.  We ride a long road to change the outcome of our generation’s impact.  We ride because we can’t do it all, but we can try.

Not everybody can operate a pedicab.  It is a job which requires a great deal of maturity, physical strength, street smarts, and an intimate knowledge of the city’s layout.  Our riders are a tightly knit group of friends and we all work together to help make our company the most sought after pedicab company in Salt Lake City.

A little about our cabs:
We ride in ALL weather.  Rain, snow, wind, or hellfire will not keep us off the streets. We sport sophisticated Mainstreet Pedicabs which are outfitted with all weather canopies and rainshields.  Never get wet, never be cold, and never miss out on a pedicab ride just because of a little weather.
Now you see US!!! Now you hear us!!!   We outfit our cabs with brilliant LED under glow lights to improve visibility and beauty of our cabs.  We rock 200watt sound systems for your enjoyment; just ask your cabby what you’d like to hear and it will be done.  A wireless bluetooth amp is all we need to let you hear your favorite artist while on the go.

Our Drivetrains:

Yes, human power is the wonderful attribute that moves our fares around the city.  Salt Lake, is however, built on the foothill of the Wasatch front.  Within the city limits there are many steep hills that exceed 12% grades.  For this reason, as well as our desire to not impede traffic, we have installed electric motor assist technology on our pedicabs!   It’s exciting.
Motorized pedicabs offer a unique solution to transportation needs within a 30 mile radius. (That’s how long we can usually ride before a recharge).  When charged with solar power, and used in combination with a Human Pedal Power we get a completely emissions free form of transportation!Why Lithium?  Lithium Ferrum Phosphate (LiFePO4) is an extremely efficient battery chemistry.  Non-toxic, light weight, and close to 10 times longer lasting than most batteries available on the market; LiFePo4 is the up and coming battery chemistry used in Electric Vehicles… And our pedicabs are EV’s as well!


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